medical malpractice
Guide 101: Medical Malpractice

With the advancement in the healthcare industry, navigating the complexities has become much more manageable. Since the healthcare landscape is ever-evolving, it has become convenient to identify practice gaps. Also, it helps determine whether healthcare workers are negligent. Malpractice in medicine occurs when a healthcare worker does not abide by the pre-described standards and deviates […]

Negligence versus Malpractice
Negligence versus Malpractice: How Does Medical Malpractice Differ from Negligence

People think malpractice and negligence are the same but have different meanings, but that is not true. These terms have different contextual meanings, as negligence refers to practices done “without intent,” whereas malpractice refers to practices done “with intent.” Therefore, malpractice in medicine means an action took place out of mistake; on the contrary, negligence […]

Examples of Negligence
Types and Examples of Negligence in Healthcare

Healthcare providers and doctors have the legal responsibility to provide the best care to their patients and live up to their expectations. They are also liable for negligence if it causes harm to the patients. Regarding this fact, there are plenty of examples of negligence in healthcare where the healthcare providers do not abide by […]

brain infection from tooth
Symptoms of Brain Infection from Tooth and Signs

We often associate toothaches with the inconvenience of dental visits and temporary discomfort. But did you know that an untreated tooth infection can potentially lead to a life-threatening condition? In some rare cases, these infections can spread beyond the mouth, reaching the brain and causing a brain infection. In this blog post, we will delve […]