What is Online Doctor Consultation?

Telemedicine may seem like a new-gen concept, but it appeared in the 1960s when NASA and Nebraska Phycology Institute needed health facilities [7]. Over the years, the phenomenon has dramatically progressed.

Online doctor consultation refers to getting medical assistance via the internet and electronic devices. Although the concept has existed for over 50 years, it gained hype during the pandemic when social distancing became mandatory. According to studies, telemedicine will be worth around 460 billion dollars by 2030. [1]

What is Online Doctor Consultation

Online doctor consultation, online medical consultation, telemedicine, and telehealth imply getting remote medical help via a web portal or a mobile application.

Numerous healthcare providers provide telehealth services, and you can reach them through their websites. After the consultation has been scheduled, both the patient and the doctor log in to their accounts to communicate remotely.

Most healthcare providers have their mobile applications, and you can pick at a time at your convenience. However, some clinics or providers schedule the consultation and notify you via email or phone text. Some free resources also offer free consultations; however, you should always see an expert for a thorough evaluation.

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How To Choose the Right Online Doctor Consultation?

What is Online Doctor Consultation

There are countless options when it comes to the online consultation. However, it is important to choose the right provider to ensure that you get the right guidance. Here is a list of things one must confirm before reserving an online consultancy. [3]

1. Authenticity

Like all other digital elements, there are under-servicing entities in the telehealth industry. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that the medical consultants you are considering are licensed and qualified to provide authentic medical advice.

Look for their qualifications and credentials on their website or by contacting them directly. You can consult another specialist to cross-verify whether a specific consultant is authentic.

2. Experience And Specialization

Considering the specialization and relevant experience of the medical consultants is also crucial. If you have a specific medical condition or concern, look for online doctors with expertise in that domain.

3. Availability

Most healthcare providers have responsive customer support. However, it is still essential to ensure a provider with prompt customer help so you can also contact them in emergencies. You must also check their availability hours and when their doctors are available for non-regular patients.

4. Security

User privacy is essential even in the telehealth sector. Therefore, read the healthcare provider’s privacy policy to verify how they use their patient’s health information. Prefer a provider whose security policies adhere to the standard security and privacy protocols.

5. Fee And Payment Options

When choosing an online doctor consultation, it is always wise to look for multiple consultants and then compare their consultancy costs to get the most suitable option. Payment methods are also a concern because not all channels are available in all geographical locations. Hence, it is better to ensure that you choose a consultant with a compatible payment method.

6. Reviews And Testimonials

Reviews are your go-to when you are choosing a digital medical consultancy. Always choose providers with a customer base, as it is easier to validate their services. [4] You can read the reviews given by past customers on their websites or ask about them on social platforms. Always remember that reviews and testimonials are the spitting images of healthcare providers and also tell a lot about the quality of their services.

7. Tools In Use

Since an online doctor consultation is conducted via digital media and platforms, ensuring that their media resonates with the customers is essential. The consultancy will be canceled if you reserve a session and cannot appear in it because of interface confusion. Moreover, it is best to verify that video conferencing and messaging tools are secured against digital theft.

Why Are Online Doctor Consultations Becoming So Popular?

Telemedicine gained significant hype during the pandemic. However, even after the world started functioning normally, healthcare providers constantly worked to improve telemedicine. Studies reveal that about 35% of United States citizens prefer online consultancies. [2]

  • There is no need to visit a medical facility physically. You can get medical assistance from your home, office, or anywhere else with a mobile device and internet.
  • Telemedicine is extremely time-saving as you don’t have to travel to a physical medical facility, find parking, and wait in a queue. You can book an appointment and receive medical advice at the time and place of your choosing.
  • An online doctor consultation proves cost-effective, as there are no additional expenses. However, you must visit a doctor if the condition reoccurs.
  • Most renowned healthcare organizations are offering telehealth services. Hence, you get access to top-class experts who may be unavailable in your area.
  • In digital consultancies, you can request the specialist of your liking. It helps you to open up more about your condition, and the consultant can also personalize the treatment plan for rapid recovery. [5]

Limitations of Online Doctor Consultations

What is Online Doctor Consultation

Although online doctor consultation provides amazing benefits, some downsides will ultimately require you to visit a specialist.

  • One of the significant limitations of online doctor consultation is limited examination. The consultants can only diagnose common conditions like headache, cough, and flu as they have evident symptoms. In many cases, the doctor must conduct physical examinations and lab tests to pinpoint the issue, which is impossible virtually. [6]
  • Electronics are the backbone of online consultations. Therefore, issues like unstable internet, incompatible devices, software glitches, and hardware failure affect the quality and effectiveness of the consultation.
  • Some patients need help to open up to doctors in digital consultancy, which prevents them from identifying the exact problem. Moreover, the consultants cannot identify non-verbal clues that may indicate the patient’s condition.
  • Online medical consultancy may not be suitable for some medical conditions, and consultants may only offer services for some issues. Hence, in such cases, the patient will have to visit the specialist in person.

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Online doctor consultations and telehealth are taking root and will develop a significant market value soon. Although they allow you to get medical help from your comfort zone, it is essential to factor in other things like choosing the right consultant and the pros and cons of telehealth.

Digital consultations are cost-effective, secure, and accessible. However, at the same time, they may prove insufficient for dealing with medical issues with less evident symptoms and tests and evaluations for confirmation.


1. How do you communicate with the doctor online?

The healthcare providers have a communication application or software where you log in at the scheduled time, and the support team connects you to the doctor.

2. How will I get the invoice?

The invoice is sent through email along with the available payment methods. You can pay it from mobile wallets or bank transfers.

3. Is online doctor consultation available in my area?

You can avail of telehealth services from international providers as well. However, it is better to confirm the service availability through customer support.


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